Dear Journalist/Reporter,

Aharonoff Creations is headquartered in the Maccabi building in the Ramat Gan diamond exchange complex. However, with the launch of the firm’s new website, the company’s horizons have widened into cyberspace, with its stock online. 

We welcome questions from editors and reporters from the industry trade online and print publications, as well as from the general business press.

As a veteran diamond company that has been operating for many decades, we have developed mutli-faceted insights in the international diamond, gem and jewelry business that may be helpful to reporters and the trade and business press at large. In today's market, the challenges have become mutli-fold. Our business is not only about selling diamonds and offering good service by providing our clients with top-level craftmanship and tailor-made orders. It is first and foremost about trust and accountability. It is our task to proof our integrity every day.